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This blog post is not about a recent photoshoot or anything personal to me . . . this post is about someone that I have never even met!  This post is about Penny Thomas.  Like most people, I dabble in and out of various forms of social media.  My favourite form of social media at the minute is; Instagram.  I have made some really lovely Instagram friends, and thoroughly enjoy following their feeds.  Last Friday night I refreshed my instagram feed, to see what my IG friends were up to that day, and I read some heart breaking news.  A lady photographer that I follow, lost her 21 month old daughter in a tragic accident.  Jill Thomas, a US photographer’s little daughter; Penny, passed away last Wednesday.  I’ve seen many beautiful images of this little girl on her mum’s instagram feed, and I cannot forget about dear little Penny.  Maybe because I’m a newbie Mammy myself, that I have been thinking about this family so much . . . . but my heart is breaking for little Penny, and her family.

I was himming and haaaaaing over writing this blog post.  Like many other people, I am an avid follower of many things on the internet, but I’m often daunted at the prospect at putting personal thoughts on my blog. . . . out there for the whole world to see . . . to enjoy . . . to judge . . . to appreciate . . . or to scorn.  Those are my issues!  I’m also, a bit cynical of the “click here for world peace” and “1 like = 1 wish” type of posts that often come up on my facebook feed.  I’m not a clicker on those posts.  However . . . . I followed this following link without a second thought.  Unfortunately, Penny’s funeral expenses are not covered by her family’s insurance.  If you would like to donate to this cause, you can do so by clicking on the following link.

Click here to donate to the Pennies 4 Penny fund

Click here for a link to a blog post about little Penny . . .

I know I have been cuddling Donnacha a little harder since reading about Penny, and I’m being very thankful for all our blessings.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

V xxx




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