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My lovely new vouchers

I thought I should do a little blog post about my new vouchers.  I’ve had many requests about gift vouchers recently.  So many little people have arrived into the world over the last few weeks, and I’ll be off to photograph them very soon.  Many thanks to lovely people who have allowed me to use their images on the voucher.

Some of the most popular choices for people when purchasing a gift voucher are;

a) “Hello Baby” – Digital photo shoot.  This is a perfect package for families who want to photograph their new arrival in the comfort of their own home.

b) “What a year Digital!!  This package includes 3 photo shoots over the period of the baby’s first year. This journey over the year, allows me to capture the baby’s development; newborn, sitting up, standing.

c) Engagement photo shoot

d) Family portrait session

Prints & framed prints can also be added to a package.

I wanted to photograph my vouchers in some natural surroundings, so they accompanied me on my walk to the millennium forest.  Luckily we had the forest to ourselves, otherwise people might have been wondering what this “crazy woman” was doing hovering over the picnic bench.  All in the quest for “that” image.

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Photography by Vanessa

weddings + portraits