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Mc Kenna Family

A trip to the Mc Kenna household was a treat for me.  I was introduced into the beautiful world of pink and glitter that little girls inhabit, and I got the best cuddles from the newest addition to the Mc Kenna home . . . Miss Jess.  This little bundle of cuteness would melt any heart, and I had a lovely time capturing photos of her first few weeks at home.  Those little fingers  . . . those way she pouts a little when she sleeps . . . those bright eyes . . . I could have photographed Jess all day long!  I also followed Jess’ big sisters; Abby & Ellie around for a little and with very little encouragement, we got got the best photos.  We were; singing into microphones, rocking on rocking horses, playing shop, making dinner and reading books.  We were busy!  Also, like I mentioned on Facebook . . . I want to go back to being between 3 – 5 years of age for a full day . . . wear pink doc martins . . . sing into microphones . . . and spend a whole day in the magical playroom of the Mc Kenna ladies.   That would be a dream day!

Thanks for inviting me into your home Niamh & Micheál.  You have the most beautiful little ladies xo



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Photography by Vanessa

weddings + portraits