Saoirse is the second little bundle of pink that has been welcomed in to this Tierney family.  Usually baby photo shoots revolve around if the baby will sleep or not . . . but not the case with Saoirse.  This beautiful little lady was so chilled out she snoozed through most of her shoot.  A total dream for any photographer trying to get some snaps of this very precious time.  Babies don’t stay babies for very long, and this period of their life can fly by.  Not only did I get some shots of Saoirse, I got some great shots of Miss Laoise.  This little lady was so much fun to photograph.  No prompting or encouraging needed here . . . I reckon this pretty little lady is used to getting photographs taken.  She was an absolute natural!  I could have done a whole blog post on all the little facial expressions she was pulling for me.  I’m so glad that I got to capture some snots of this very special time for the Lorraine and Kevin.

Enjoy x


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