We had a lovely day around Lough Muckno in Castleyblayney for our photoshoot to celebrate Nathan nearing his first birthday.  The little man is full of energy and just mad to get up and going on his feet to discover the world.  We managed to pick a gorgeous blustery Autumn day for our photoshoot and Nathan was the best sport.  The wind played havoc with his gorgeous golden tresses but we have the best shots of his hair standing on end from the strong wind . . . and not a bother on Nathan.  It didn’t take a blink out of him 🙂 It’s obvious to see that Cathy & Stephen think the world of their little man, and he of them.  He is always watching where they are, hands out and snuggling into their necks.  Sooooo cute!!  Taking photographs is really fun but I will admit that I put myself under a lot of pressure to get the kind of photos that I would like as a parent.  I want families to look back at this time in years to come and laugh and smile and think; “Isn’t it great that we have photos from this time”.  I hope in 2028 that Cathy & Stephen will be laughing with fond memories of this time, and they have the photos to prove it. Come along to see this little man and his lorry . .  & his teddy . . . and the ducks too 😉 2015-11-17_0001 2015-11-17_0002 2015-11-17_0003 2015-11-17_0004 2015-11-17_0005 2015-11-17_0006 2015-11-17_0007 2015-11-17_0008 2015-11-17_0022 2015-11-17_0009 2015-11-17_0010 2015-11-17_0011 2015-11-17_0012 2015-11-17_0013 2015-11-17_0014 2015-11-17_0015 2015-11-17_0016 2015-11-17_0017 2015-11-17_0018 2015-11-17_0019 2015-11-17_0020 2015-11-17_0021

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