Mc Quillan girls

I spent the loveliest of afternoons with the Mc Quillan ladies.  Bonnie is the cutest little poppet and her big sister Katie is so much fun to have in front of the camera.  I think I broke the record during this shoot for using the most amount of props 🙂  As a result, you can imagine that my hard drive was heaving with the amount of cute photos I have of the Mc Quillan ladies.  Here is a little snippet of some of the highlights . . .

Enjoy x

2015-09-24_0001 2015-09-24_0002 2015-09-24_0003 2015-09-24_0004 2015-09-24_0005 2015-09-24_0006 2015-09-24_0007 2015-09-24_0008 2015-09-24_0009 2015-09-24_0010 2015-09-24_0011 2015-09-24_0012 2015-09-24_0013 2015-09-24_0014 2015-09-24_0015 2015-09-24_0016 2015-09-24_0017 2015-09-24_0018 2015-09-24_0019 2015-09-24_0020 2015-09-24_0021 2015-09-24_0022 2015-09-24_0023 2015-09-24_0024 2015-09-24_0025 2015-09-24_0026 2015-09-24_0027 2015-09-24_0028

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  • Geraldine McQuillan

    Just delighted with your excellent work Vanessa,you are one very talented lady,thank you so much xxReplyCancel

  • Mary Duffy Quigley

    Just beautiful GeraldineReplyCancel

  • Anne Kieran

    Beautiful photos Geraldine.ReplyCancel

  • Nora Carr

    Fabulous pics of you and your beautiful girls.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Oconnor

    How beautiful are you three girls fabReplyCancel

  • Aileen Moen

    Lovely photos geraldine. Bonnie has got so big, some very cute photos of her.ReplyCancel

  • Aileen Moen

    Its the 8th photo down that i love.ReplyCancel