Mc Aloon Family

Blog posts have been away down my to-do-list, but since I am editing my photos like a woman possessed at the minute, I’ve eventually gotten around to creating some cute blog posts.  This post is from away away back in March?  Remember March . . . no?  Me either! 🙂  . . . but my hard drive tells me that I was really busy taking photos and here is a blog post from a really fun family shoot with the Mc Aloon family.  Josh is the newest little arrival into the Mc Aloon family.  I had previously photographed his big sister Alicia on a few occasions and I knew from experience this shoot was going to be a lot of fun.  I was right!  Josh is a little dote and Alicia was full of chat about her new brother.  I think I could have created four blog posts with the photos from this shoot, but I have managed (just about)  to get the photos whittled down into one post.  A long post at that!  If you’d like to see some newborn cuteness, a gorgeous three year old little lady and a really really happy family who were enjoying the newness of becoming a family of four . . . then keep scrolling x


2015-06-17_0001 2015-06-17_0002 2015-06-17_0003 2015-06-17_0004 2015-06-17_0005 2015-06-17_0006 2015-06-17_0007 2015-06-17_0008 2015-06-17_0009 2015-06-17_0010 2015-06-17_0011 2015-06-17_0012 2015-06-17_0013 2015-06-17_0014 2015-06-17_0015 2015-06-17_0016 2015-06-17_0017 2015-06-17_0018 2015-06-17_0019 2015-06-17_0020 2015-06-17_0021 2015-06-17_0022 2015-06-17_0023 2015-06-17_0024 2015-06-17_0025 2015-06-17_0026 2015-06-17_0027 2015-06-17_0028 2015-06-17_0029 2015-06-17_0030

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