Wait until you see these photographs of little Lucy Reid!  She is just such a little dote.  Im smitten!  Maybe it was her seriously cute christmas themed outfit  . . . or perhaps her perfectly porcelain skin . . . or maybe it was her little perplexed look that she gave me, when she spotted me crawling around with her on the floor . . . but I think that I might have said; “ahhhh, she is just so darn cute” about 350 times.  Roughly!

Just before Christmas I got to spend some time with the Reid family, and capture some of Lucy’s “newly turned one year old” tricks. These are the moments that are so precious and life changing at the time and yet when children ask in years to come; “what were my first steps like?”, would we remember?  Would we remember  their little facial expressions . . . how they lifted their knees really high when thinking about taking the step . . . and how excited we as parents were when they managed a few wobbly steps in a row?  Luckily, Dympna and Timmy don’t have to worry about that.  We have the photographs of Lucy’s first steps to enjoy for many years to come.

Come and see this gorgeous little lady . . . I hope you enjoy x

2015-01-22_0001 2015-01-22_0002 2015-01-22_0003 2015-01-22_0004 2015-01-22_0005 2015-01-22_0006 2015-01-22_0007 2015-01-22_0008 2015-01-22_0009 2015-01-22_0010 2015-01-22_0011 2015-01-22_0012 2015-01-22_0013 2015-01-22_0014 2015-01-22_0015 2015-01-22_0016 2015-01-22_0017 2015-01-22_0018 2015-01-22_0019 2015-01-22_0020 2015-01-22_0021 2015-01-22_0022 2015-01-22_0023 2015-01-22_0025 2015-01-22_0026


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  • Helena Mc Kenna Sheridan

    They r just beautiful pictures, I’ve one seriously gorgeous niece xxxxReplyCancel

  • Grace Sheridan

    Fab pics bimpy!!ReplyCancel