I recently spent a very cold and snowy morning in Monaghan taking photos of Jake.  Jake is a happy little soul with a laugh that is bigger than his . . . months, as he isn’t into the years just yet.  You can see from his photos that his blue eyes are bouncing bright and like most boys, when let loose on the floor . . . he takes off.  Usually to the edge of his matt, so he can start to take it apart.  I think that is called problem solving and using your initiative.  Good man Jake!!

Some of my favourite photographs, are those where the parents are in the shot.  I just love the photographs of Jake being comforted off to sleep by his Mammy & Daddy.  Going off to sleep is such a special bonding time and a time that it is hard to capture or remember when you are in the middle of it.  I was seriously “ahhhing” and “oohing” when I was downloading the photos of Jake being loved off to a slumber.  I hope you enjoy them too x

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