Evan Lavery is a very cute little dude.  It is rarely that I get to photograph a baby that has so much gorgeous, luscious hair!  When heading off to photograph little people, I very often have a “wish list”, and this little man ticked every single box.  We managed to get all the following shots; relaxed, smiley, sleeping, family and even some outdoor shots.  Joanne & Micky clearly dote on this little man, and aren’t they right?  Those little perfectly formed lips . . . the wee nose . . . the deep eyes . . .  ok, I’m going to stop now, before I sound even more strange.  Safe to say, that I thoroughly enjoyed this photo session!

I hope you enjoy the pictorial evidence!

V x


2013-08-23_0001 2013-08-23_0002 2013-08-23_0003 2013-08-23_0004 2013-08-23_0006 2013-08-23_0007 2013-08-23_0008 2013-08-23_0009 2013-08-23_0010 2013-08-23_0011 2013-08-23_0012 2013-08-23_0013 2013-08-23_0014 2013-08-23_0015 2013-08-23_0016

2013-08-23_0018 2013-08-23_0017

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