I recently spent a lovely January morning with Jenny, Steven and their little man; Ethan.  Ethan turned one year old recently and we took some photographs to mark the occasion.  This little man looked so handsome in his “big boy” shirt and jumper and his tweed trousers.  Who says that they only make cute clothes for girls!!  Although, if anybody was going to dress their little man in the height of fashion . . . it was going to be his mammy; “Jenny”.  I can say this with absolute certainty as I have known Jenny for a lifetime; since our first day at primary school together, right through to graduating from University and moving home from Belfast.  Little did we think that when we were practising our dance moves to “2 unlimited” (oh the shame!) at our 10 year old birthday parties that in a few short years (cough cough . . . maybe not so short . . . but you know what I mean), I would be following her little man around with my camera and capturing some memories of this important time.

Ethan is adorable!  It’s so cute the way he pops his little head to the side when you talk to him, and the way when he smiles, it sneaks across his face until he is beaming back at you.  I’m smitten 🙂

Here are a few photos from our session x


2015-02-05_0001 2015-02-05_0002 2015-02-05_0003 2015-02-05_0004

2015-02-05_0025 2015-02-05_0005 2015-02-05_0006 2015-02-05_0007 2015-02-05_0008 2015-02-05_0009 2015-02-05_0010 2015-02-05_0011 2015-02-05_0012 2015-02-05_0013 2015-02-05_0014 2015-02-05_0015 2015-02-05_0016 2015-02-05_0017 2015-02-05_0018 2015-02-05_0019 2015-02-05_0020 2015-02-05_0021
2015-02-05_0023 2015-02-05_0024


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