Edwina & Johnathan

Edwina and Johnathan got married in May and a few days beforehand we took a few photos.  This was my first meeting, my first engagement shoot and my first wedding after having Saorlaith.  Luckily I know Edwina & Johnathan and that was a great comfort to me.  Edwina is my neighbour from home.  Well she is much more than just a neighbour.  She is like a little sister.  I remember the day the Douglas family moved in beside us.  I was delirious with excitement.  At that stage I was blessed with three younger brothers and was yearning some females to play with.  When I heard that there were now girls living beside us . . . well . . . I was excited.  Very very excited!!  My childhood is filled with many happy memories with the Douglas girls.

We met in Castle Leslie to chat about Edwina and Johnathan’s upcoming wedding and we squeezed in a few photos whilst scouting for locations. Their wedding has taken place, but I’m just going to share some of their engagement photos first.  I know that Edwina and Johnathan make a seriously cute couple.  I think I got some cute shots of the two of them together . . .  😉

What do you think?  Cute? x



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  • Niamh Trainor

    Absolutely beautiful xxReplyCancel

  • Sandra Mc Nally

    Seriously cute!!! Great work Vanessa! Looking great Edwina and Johnathan!!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Goodenough

    Stunning! The subjects and the photography … XxxReplyCancel