Darcy & Ben

Photographing a new arrival in a family’s home is special  . . . and getting to photograph the second new arrival is super special.  Darcy’s arrival marks the Sherlock’s family’s transition into the world of pink.  This little lady was a dream to photograph.  Not a peep out of miss Darcy during her photoshoot!  Those gorgeous, big, bright eyes followed my every move.  Darcy is getting lots and lots of attention from her big brother Ben.  Ben loves his wee sister and to hear him shushing her little cries and kissing the side of her head is something else.  I think my heart melted a little during this photoshoot 🙂

Cars are a big deal in this family.  It’s in the blood!  Wait until you see Ben’s attention to detail when fixing his car and taking to his clients on the phone.  Totally hilarious!!

Thanks to the Sherlock family for inviting me back into their home.  It was a real treat x

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