I visited little Bobby very shortly after his arrival in the big world, and captured some photographs of this magical time.  Newborns being “newborns” is such an amazing time, and can fly by in a heartbeat or become blurry in memory, mostly due to tiredness and just being so busy!  The opportunity to photograph newborns at such an early stage is ideal.  They still have that; “I’m just happy curled up here” thing going on and don’t seem to notice when somebody is placing them in a pose, or poking a camera in their face.  I had the very best time photographing Bobby.  Nothing was a bother to this little man, and he happily dozed through most of his first photo shoot.  I was also lucky enough to get a chance to photograph Bobby’s big brother; Jamie.  Jamie is such fun and I’m lucky that I am familiar with the ways of “3 year olds”, we were chatting away about; “George’s dinosaur, Chief officer Steele and Peppa’s favourite colour”.  If you have children in the house, I’m guessing that you are also familiar with the above terms . . . if not . . . that time will come! 🙂

Thanks to Bernie and Paul for inviting me into their home as they were just getting used to becoming a new family of four.  I hope that there are some memories in here that will bring a smile to your face.  Enjoy x

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2015-01-22_0045 2015-01-22_0046

2015-01-22_0052 2015-01-22_0053 2015-01-22_0049 2015-01-22_0048 2015-01-22_0050 2015-01-22_0047


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