Miss Aoife Mc Kenna is a little bundle of cuteness and I was lucky enough to take some photos of her on one of the last really warm days of our beautiful Autumn.  I took photos of Donna and Eoin’s wedding and it is lovely to be welcomed into the Mc Kenna home to help them make some memories and capture some photos of their little lady.  This wee woman is so darn cute.  When dealing with my own toddler it is easy to forget the serious cuteness of a one year old.  The tentative little steps . . . the little squeals of excitement . . . and the fascination with their hands.  I could have created a whole blog post of photos where Aoife is talking to her left hand . . . and then talking to her right hand.  Awwwwwwhhh!

I hope you enjoy the cuteness x

2014-11-03_0001 2014-11-03_0002 2014-11-03_0003 2014-11-03_0004 2014-11-03_0005 2014-11-03_0006 2014-11-03_0007 2014-11-03_0008 2014-11-03_0009 2014-11-03_0010 2014-11-03_0011 2014-11-03_0012 2014-11-03_0013 2014-11-03_0014 2014-11-03_0015 2014-11-03_0016 2014-11-03_0017 2014-11-03_0018 2014-11-03_0019 2014-11-03_0020 2014-11-03_0021 2014-11-03_0022 2014-11-03_0023 2014-11-03_0024 2014-11-03_0025

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