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For Sale . . . my very first telephoto & prime lens

I have been meaning to put these lens up for sale for a little while.  My little man is catching 40 winks, so I’ve eventually got 10 minutes to get take some pics of these little beauties.  It might sound a little “deep” to call these lenses “beauties”, but they have both served me very well.  I’ll be sad to let them go as they were my very first prime (non zoom . . . super duper lens for taking portraits) and my very fist telephoto (great for taking candid photographs of people from a distance).  I was tempted to hang onto both lenses but there are only so many lenses that I can carry on a shoot, and thus . . . I think it is a wise move, to send them to a new home.  Both lenses are in perfect condition and take fab photos.  For more information, just drop me an email;

And yes . . . I do have a spotty tablecloth.  Please don’t judge me.  There was an incident with a candle, and it a tablecloth or a new table . . . I bought a tablecloth!



Canon 50mm, 1.4   



Canon 70 – 300mm.  4 – 5.6 IS USM  









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Photography by Vanessa

weddings + portraits